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Luxury Wooden Chopsticks

Luxury Wooden Chopsticks

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Product information:
Material: wood
Style: Japanese
Even number: 1 pair

Packing list:
Chopsticks X1

Why choose these chopsticks?

Well if one thing is true in life is that happiness comes when we enjoy the little things. To eat your favourite Asian food with a good quality and most well designed wooden chopstick is one of these little things that will make your day. From now on you can take proud of your chopsticks and support our mentality and love for good taste in all things.

Origin of chopsticks

The popularity of the chopstick in Asia may also be attributed to the time of revered philosopher Confucius. According to him sharp objects while eating was not appropriate since he was against violence and disliked sharp edges in general . His disdain for the knife led him to seek out alternative items that would do the job, and chopsticks, with their blunt tips, proved to be far more appealing to his gentle nature. One of is most well known quotes is: "The honourable and upright man keeps well away from both the slaughterhouse and the kitchen. And he allows no knives on his table."

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