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Bar Style High-pressure Cup Washer

Bar Style High-pressure Cup Washer

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Make cleaning your barware a breeze with the Bar Style High-pressure Cup Washer. This innovative device offers easy one-handed operation, ensuring a quick and efficient cleaning process for your cups. Designed with Seiko quality, it boasts a fashionable and versatile appearance that is both easy to clean and resistant to rust.

Key Features:

  1. One-Handed Operation:

    • Easy and convenient operation with one hand. Gently press the high-pressure nozzle with the cup facing down for effortless cleaning.
  2. Seiko Quality:

    • Fashionable and versatile appearance, designed with attention to detail. Easy to clean and resistant to rust, ensuring long-lasting quality.
  3. High-pressure Nozzle with Five-hole Design:

    • The high-pressure nozzle features a five-hole design, allowing for multi-angle spray washing. Quick and efficient cleaning – just press lightly to spray immediately. The nozzle automatically picks up and closes when not in use.
  4. 4-Point Interface with Standard Water Inlet:

    • The 4-point interface has a standard water inlet with an opening of 2.2cm. This ensures strong versatility, making it suitable for commercial use, as well as for home bar counters.
  5. Suitable for Various Cup Sizes:

    • Suggested hole diameter: 2.2cm. Cup washing nozzle diameter: 11.2cm. Suitable for cups with a caliber less than 11CM, making it versatile for different types of glassware.
  6. Color Options:

    • Choose from Black or White color options based on your preference and the aesthetic of your bar.
  7. Set Options with Water Inlet Pipe:

    • Available in Black set (Black case + cup washer + 0.8m water inlet pipe) or White set (Silver case + cup washer + 0.8m water inlet pipe) for added convenience.

Effortlessly maintain a clean and hygienic bar environment with the Bar Style High-pressure Cup Washer. Its practical design and high-quality construction make it an essential tool for any bar or home bar setup. Upgrade your cleaning routine with this efficient and stylish cup washer.


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